Your privacy is our number 2 goal. Our number 1 goal is to bring you relevant results and targeted advertising. This may not sound like fun or enticing but it is the truth behind our business model. 

We continuously monitor the usage of our website to improve the experience of our users and advertisers. Make no mistake we need advertisers to keep giving us money so that you can enjoy this free services. We occasionally use website cookies and IP addresses (at the ISP level; more on this later.)

When you submit your email, your name, your phone number and your website details to create a user account for sponsored urls and for submitting your site we need to have a way to contact you if there is a problem with your website or your submission.

According to the many international laws we as a company need to prove that we are not collaborating with drug companies, known hackers and terrorists. Although it is difficult, we need the information and you are free to request it at all intervals and to ask us to delete it at any interval by sending an email to our email @ privacy (at) mashcor (dot) com

To keep this website simple we will tell you what we do with your information:

1) We use your email to promote Mashcor services and to inform you of administrative changes to our entire platform.

2) We use your name and phone number as emergency contact details in case your email is not responding within 48 hours.

What other information do we collect:

1) We at Mashcor collect your ISP (Internet Service Provider) IP (internet protocol) address to have some idea where you are using our website from.

2) This IP locator is not specific to your exact location such as your home address or an internet cafe, BUT the information we collect is to say which city or country you are located in so that we do not share websites that are in Jamaica to a South African.

We do not need your exact location to serve you BUT we need some idea where you are asking from so that we can be very relevant.

"Can anyone use our collected data to find me?"

Yes, they can estimate your location to be in Manhattan as suppose to being in Durban. BUT to locate you they will have to look from other sources because we value your privacy and do not keep such data even for a second.

Storage of private data:

1) We do not store credit card details on our private and rented servers.

2) We store your personal information mentioned above on our encrypted server with password protected access.

3) We deploy the best firewall, brute force and encryption methods that we can afford at the time and upgrade them as quickly as financially feasible. My details are also in the system and you bet that my identity will also be compromised if I do not exercise caution.

4) We run our websites from dedicated servers that we ourselves control and have controlled on our behalf. We regularly have server nodes or disc drives containing parts of your information failing because they can.

So to protect your information we regularly request the smart guys at the dark and cold server rooms to shred and crush the used hard drives and dispose of them in an environmentally safe fashion (more on this later).

Requests by you:

1) You are welcome to request information about yourself on our records by login in and going over to the profile tab and delete or change your details.

2) Once you delete your account your details will be permanently deleted.

Requests by governments and police officials:

1) A court order by the current high court from a South African jurisdiction must be supplied by the relevant authority and after consulting with our highly paid lawyers we will comply.

2) Only a signed, current and relevant court order with specific requests such as name, email and address will be entertained. Vague court orders will be completely ignored---so don't even try.

Privacy Reminders:

To be GDRP compliant we have to remind you that we are collecting data with cookies and processing information using third-party companies like Google analytics.

Yes, we also depend on Google sometimes.


1) We do not share your information with 3rd party companies like Cambridge Analytica or other similar companies.

2) We do not and NEVER will sell your information to ANYONE.

3) We do not discuss who is searching for what. We don't even know what our own staff is searching for using our search engine because they are adults (some of them) and we also have a life.

4) We do not hold your activities, information or your contacts hostage. You can request it at any time and ask us, nicely, do DELETE it. We won't even keep record that you asked us to delete it.