Everybody that has ever created a social media page, a website or a online video knows that it is meaningless if you do not get visitors to see your hard work and your masterpiece.

Sadly the skill of getting people to see your creativity and your hard work is getting more difficult due to the increasing bombardment of your potential visitors and clients.

Repetition and uniqueness is the only way you can achieve that elusive position that everyone and their grandmother is clamoring for. But how do you get that without a big budget like most big brands are using.

At Mashcor we have not only created a search engine which has taught us more than most SEO agencies will ever learn about what it is like to run a search engine.

We do not speculate... We know what it takes for your website to rank on the first page of Mashcor, Google, Bing and most other search engines in the world. We even found a company that can do it for you for a lot less than you can imagine.

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