The biggest problem was South Africa’s technological lag.

Businesses in South Africa are still using ancient templates to engage with their customers online. They are using web hosting companies that slowly render their websites and serve little purpose except to annoy their customers enough to force slow technology adoption throughout the country.

Mashcor as a search engine came out of my frustration with trying to invite business owners, home owners and anyone interested in putting up classified information. Most people were too busy.

From 2013 to 2016 Mashcor went through a phase that was illuminating regarding the adoption of internet usage in South Africa. At the same time I was having a side effect from my “Make Money Online” phase where Google and 2Checkout had banned Mashcor from doing business on their platforms.

I tried everything to reconcile with these companies but I was treated as a pariah because I was labelled as an affiliate marketer. The more I begged to be re-instated the more I realized that they would not budge because Mashcor had no leverage.

I had a problem on my hands.

  1. How do I gain leverage?
  2. How do I remove my reliance on somebody else’s platform?
  3. How do I marry my love for affiliate marketing with big business BUT keep my overheads low?

I had the solution hit me like a tonne of bricks: I needed to Create My Own Platform.

Mashcor had undergone different incarnations over the last 9 years. And in the last 3 of the nine years it had lightly touched the idea of local search.

The big idea was why not create a localized search engine and unlike traditional search engines promote the brand over different media like television.

That is how Mashcor the Search Engine was born in 14 March 2018.

I contacted on that date after doing a lot of research. They had done some work with Slumdog Millionaire and that was my biggest push to hire them for a custom search engine built from the ground up.

To say this pushed me out of my comfort zone is to put it mildly. I was so far up the consumer mentality that I could not shake off the fear that this was going to be another failure.

I knew there were lessons to learn from failure but I was more interested to learn the massive success lessons.

I was determined enough to put my reputation on the block to reach my dream. 

The dream of building a self-sustaining business system that worked well without me being involved, had minimal over-heads and was something I would be proud to put, not only Mashcor’s name behind it but my heart and soul too.

Mashcor – Africa’s Premier Search Engine is unique because there has been only one truly African search engine and it was no longer live.

Even though Google and Bing do serve the needs of African people, we are not a priority. I have been a victim of dismissive platforms and have seen the effect that such a dismissive action can have on an entire continent.

Africa has 1.2 Billion people and we are an under-served population. President Trump calls us names, international aid companies pity us, we do not believe that we can be successful without government aid and we accepted that we are forever a third world continent.

My view is that we as Africans should not be the underdog. We should be serenaded and dined because we have the numbers to make a super economy like India and China.

Mashcor presents a unique proposition to both African’s and international users.

Mashcor shows the websites of African serving businesses and African based businesses without diluting them with international competitors. 

This makes Mashcor the quintessential go-to place for anyone looking for a business, website or news regarding Africa.

If you are looking for a service, a place or an idea that is by an African person or business, Mashcor is where you are likely to find it.

Mashcor is indexing Africa because we deserve to be indexed. We deserve to have an efficient service, professionally laid out and user-friendly showing us what we need in less than one minute.

Africa’s Premier Search Engine helps you find what you are looking for in less than One Minute!