Hi there,

We @ Mashcor pride ourselves in delivering excellent service to our clients and visitors.

Occasionally we may not be able to deliver on our promises and for that we humbly apologize.

There are a few reasons that your website may have failed to be indexed and we have some solutions for you.

Reasons for failed indexing:

1) The website or url may be incorrect.

Many of our systems are intended to improve usability and reduce error when inputting data into our systems. Occasionally the url (website) that was submitted was incorrect and the problem was noticed by our crawlers after the user has left the submission page.

2) The crawlers may not have crawled your website.

There may be a delay in crawling a website of up to 6 months depending on our crawl list. We are somewhat a victim of our success. Because of the size of our list waiting to be crawled we may need 6 months to get to your domain and websites. Please be patient and do not resubmit your urls as this will not bump you up the list.

Because of the risk to your website we set our crawlers to gently crawl each website and not cause you any problems.

Our crawlers are working day and night at a reasonable pace to cover the listed websites for indexing. We are working daily to increase the index speed BUT this will cause some websites with high traffic or with poor design to slow down and possibly crash. 

3) The website was down during the crawl.

Our crawlers work diligently everyday to crawl every website gently and thoroughly. During peak hours the crawlers may have received a busy signal from your website or your server may be failing to resolve for any number of reasons.

4) Your site's ROBOT.TXT file may be blocking ALL crawlers.

We are respectful of your website and the rules that you have set forth in your robot.txt file. If your file is set to block any bots we unfortunately cannot crawl or index your website. You will have to change permissions in your file or like everyone else resort to smoke signals.

If you feel that the above reasons do not apply then please create a new support ticket and we will gladly help you out.

Thank you.